A.M. Rush
Field notes from a modern-day Krafft-Ebbing.

"In the urban environment, it is incumbent upon subjects to affect a certain conformity.  One must sublimate one’s hopes, desires, and social deviations if one is to function effectively and inconspicuously in the society.  However, it is this author’s hypothesis that the façade is infinitely fragile and is that much more fragile for individuals possessed by determinate psycho-sexual pathologies.  Further, these pathologies can be brought to manifest themselves under certain controlled conditions.  The public transit coach presents just such a condition.  Each subject strives to maintain a mien of abject unobtrusiveness despite the close physical proximity  with multiple stranger subjects.  [“You can run, but you can’t hide.”]  In this experimental study, the author will demonstrate the pathologies of selected subjects by means of situational endeavor.  The subjects in question are..."

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